4-Day MBA in Business Essentials for New Managers

06 Mar 2023 – 09 Mar 2023

The Overview

The basics of an MBA education at a business school are here made available and understandable to a wider audience. The four-day study will not replicate the detail of a two-year course naturally, but the fundamentals can be grasped and given context in this highly interactive workshop.

The 4-day MBA curriculum is hyper-targeted and designed to help delegates acquire in-demand skills at the moment. Traditional MBA programs, on the other hand, are led by professors who likely earned their stripes decades ago and tend to focus on dated case studies that aren’t as relevant today.

We start with the fundamental building block of business – financial literacy and the ways in which you need to use its techniques to drive business success. Moving on we go to the other great foundation of winning organizations – business strategy.

What is it and how can we make a successful execution of your great strategic plans? That execution and much else requires planning and working with colleagues and stakeholders. We look at how modern managers cope with these relationships in an increasingly digital-only environment. We end our journey with understanding the resources great managers use to drive their careers – KPIs, SLAs, SMART decision making and the hugely significant world of ESG principles.

Delegates can expect to walk away with timely and actionable tools, templates, and frameworks. Professionals can leverage their study to apply what they are learning to their work immediately and get promoted faster.

  • UNDERSTAND the most used financial terms
  • USE ratios to support company analysis
  • EXPLORE the various methods use to analyze company investment practice
  • LINK Vision, Mission Statements and Business Cases to the financial reality
  • CONDUCT stakeholder assessment based on engagement throughout a plan

Free takeaways

  1. Numerous Templates and Aide Memoires
  2. Comprehensive Toolkit and Slide Deck
  3. Case studies for comparison

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