4-Day MBA in Oil and Gas

13 Mar 2023 – 16 Mar 2023

The Overview

The 4-Day MBA in Oil and Gas is a comprehensive course designed for Oil and Gas practitioners. It covers the upstream (Exploration and Production), midstream, and downstream sectors of the industry and is aimed at both technical and non-technical professionals including government representatives, professional advisors, investors, and suppliers.

This course will deepen participants’ understanding of the dynamics of the Oil and Gas business. Participants will gain insight into current issues, industry terminology, how money flows through the entire business chain, how different parts of the business interact with each other and with other companies, as well as with external investors

In addition, they will gain an excellent working knowledge of what all the key terms in Oil and Gas actually mean. This includes exploration, drilling, reserves, production, processing, transportation, product prices, world legal systems, and economics.

Discussion & Insights

  1. ACHIEVE a comprehensive overview of the Oil and Gas industry and supply chain
  2. MASTER technical terms to boost your credibility with colleagues and clients
  3. FORECAST energy demand and consumption
  4. ANALYSE the main supply chain process of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  5. REVIEW Production Sharing Contracts, Concessions and Service Contracts

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