Achieve Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma

30 Jan 2023 – 31 Jan 2023

The Overview

Organizations work hard to improve their processes and reduce customer complaints to stay profitable. However, many employees struggle to solve these problems correctly and adequately. This is due to a lack of knowledge around statistical thinking, and the difficulty in communicating that information to the management to resolve the problem.

Six Sigma provides data-driven methods and analysis that help your organization move away from intuition and guessing. These methods increase confidence in management that the improvement team understands the problem and has a good solution for that problem. In addition, the charts
and graphs help present the data visually, instead of a summary of numbers and tables.

This course will introduce you to an effective improvement model called DMAIC that can be integrated into your organization to drive consistent problem solving. It will also teach you the key analytical tools to use with your cross-functional teams to enhance the effectiveness of the problem-solving and process improvement efforts.

This course is suitable for both the public and private sectors, and no prior knowledge about
statistics, problem-solving or process improvement is required.

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