Air Freight Logistics Management

19 Jun 2023 – 20 Jun 2023

The Overview

Air freight, or air cargo is the shipment and transfer of goods via an air carrier, which may be charter or commercial. Goods transported by air have the advantage of high-speed shipment and is usually catered for items that are time-sensitive and high value. Air transport also offers the highest level of security as airport controls regulate and manage all cargo entering and exiting a country.

The air freight sector is currently facing a number of challenges, mainly the rise in oil prices and the imposition of tariffs. Freight forwarders are also experiencing quick growth in e-commerce and the application of blockchain in air freight logistics can only mean one thing – that all logistics companies dealing with air shipment have to improve their services to grow exponentially.

This workshop will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and strategies in air freight operations to build sustainable growth in air freight logistics.


Major Discussions:

  • IDENTIFY major stakeholder entities in global air freight logistics
  • DISCOVER trends that can affect air freight management
  • UPDATE your knowledge with the digitalization of air freight logistics
  • UNDERSTAND e-commerce regulations that can affect the air freight logistics chain
  • EXAMINE the infrastructure requirements in the air freight industry
  • STUDY the geopolitical effects on air freight logistics

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