Artificial Intelligence for Executives

07 Dec 2022 – 08 Dec 2022

The Overview

Artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing major and rapid changes to companies in almost all sectors and industries. The future of software lies on intelligent applications driven by artificial intelligence. It is estimated that 85% of corporate operations will be supported by AI by 2025. The most promising AI subset, Reinforcement Learning (RL), will disrupt industries like manufacturing, finances, service providers among the others.

This training focuses on the benefits of artificial intelligence to companies and how they apply this exciting technology to their respective industries by understanding the threats and risks. Participants will explore successful data processing technologies, appropriate strategies, and implementation plans, which can be transformed into value-deliverable operational solutions. At the same time, this training will cover major cost drivers, ROI evaluation, risks and ways to overcome threats. Different subsets of artificial intelligence, including reinforcement learning will be highlighted.

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