Asset Integrity Management

27 Mar 2023 – 29 Mar 2023

The Overview

Improving the effectiveness of asset management and integrity activities is vital to ensuring physical assets perform their required functions, operate reliably and thereby support corporate goals and objectives. A successful asset integrity management (AIM) program incorporates design, maintenance inspection, process, operations, and management concept; all having a direct impact on the integrity of infrastructure and equipment. As a result, best practice facilities have implemented comprehensive, fully integrated systems, and a culture directed at gaining greater lifetime effectiveness, value, safety, availability, profitability and return from production, and manufacturing assets.

This workshop is designed to assist asset integrity managers to achieve maximum production capacity at the lowest lifecycle cost, while also maintaining the long-term integrity of their assets. Delegates will learn new methods and techniques to manage the most critical aspects of Asset Integrity Management.


  • IDENTIFY international codes and standards relevant to asset integrity management
  • ACHIEVE best practices in asset integrity management
  • ACQUIRE information from digital data management system
  • MASTER the process and systems required to manage asset integrity efficiently

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