Blockchain For Banking And Finance Industries

15 Feb 2023 – 16 Feb 2023

The Overview

Many banking and finance industries are affected by economic and digital transformation, financial innovations, and development of IoT. Blockchain technology with cryptocurrency is underlying technology with promising application in the finance sector. Professionals in banking and finance around the world are looking for ways to make blockchain work for them and exploring how blockchain technology can open up new opportunities and change the way these industries operate.

This training focuses on the benefits of blockchain and the current challenges. It will explore the risks involved in privacy and the new application in finance sector. It will enhance participants’ understanding on how blockchain technology is being used in banking and other finance industries.

Why You Should Attend?

This virtual training aims to help participants gain knowledge about the key ideas, concepts and trends of blockchain technology and how to implement them in banking and finance industries. Participants will also be guided with the easy and clear way to understand the complexity of this technology.
In addition, participants will learn why blockchain is going to revolutionize businesses, what benefits blockchain can bring to the banking and finance industries, and discuss business models.

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