Certified Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources Professionals

13 Mar 2023 – 14 Mar 2023

The Overview

The implementation of artificial intelligence in human resources practices will improve organizations because this application can analyze, predict, and diagnose in helping HR teams make better decisions. Although organizations are applying artificial intelligence to their human resources processes at different rates, it is clear that as the technology becomes more widely accepted, it will have a lasting impact on the field. For this reason, it is important for HR professionals to be prepared for these changes by understanding what artificial intelligence is and how it applies to various functions.

This training will enable HR professionals to use artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and cultivate a talented and productive workforce. Combining the current technological landscape and the latest developments in artificial intelligence, this training will ensure that human resource professionals fully understand what artificial intelligence is and what it means to human resources in practice.

The CAIHRP is a global, competency-based credential that is designed to validate HR professional knowledge on artificial intelligence. The credential demonstrates mastery of general HR processes automation in performance management, recruitment, data processing, learning and development.

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