Certified International Procurement Manager (CIPM)

19 Jun 2023 – 21 Jun 2023

The Overview

Properly managing all procurement activities not only keeps business operations running smoothly; it also saves money, time, and resources. Procurement management ensures that all items and services are properly acquired so that projects and processes can proceed efficiently and successfully. In short, proper procurement management is imperative for avoiding costly delays and errors.

A Procurement Manager should possess the expertise and experience to manage the entire procurement process independently and effectively, ensuring that the overall quality of goods is maintained at high standards while meeting challenging deadlines for manufacturing and customer delivery.

This certified training provides guidance on supplier relationships and partnerships, opportunities for cost reduction, electronic and paperless management, global sourcing opportunities, and more.


The purpose of this certified virtual training is to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the theoretical as well as practical aspects of sourcing management, particularly, how it fits into an overall supply chain management strategy. This will also equip participants with the skillset to independently drive and establish a seamless procurement management system for their organization.

The knowledge and information gained throughout this 3-days training will also help participant adapt to the procurement process across any industry. This training session consists of assignments, examinations, online materials, and discussions to get participants thoroughly trained and certified.


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