Communication Skills for the Internal Auditor

18 Jan 2023 – 19 Jan 2023

The Overview

As internal auditors, we face difficult communications challenges. Our aim is to provide assurance to the board and to senior management, and to generate improvements or changes if they are necessary. This highly interactive workshop will help delegates develop and improve their communication skills.

Internal auditors often have to convince experienced and powerful people to do things differently. The workshop will consider the challenges and benefits of effective communication as well as the fundamental requirements for all internal audit and assurance providers – to clearly communicate if things in the organization are not working, what needs to change, and why it matters.

The workshop will provide a range of checklists and practical approaches to enable internal auditors to improve the effectiveness of their communication skills for all topics covered. There will be handouts provided to delegates with step-by-step guides to allow this knowledge to be used immediately in their real-world environments.

Handouts include:

  • Step by step checklist for managing conflict
  • The coaching process
  • How to improve your listening skills
  • Dealing with challenging situations

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