Compliance Management

13 Dec 2022 – 14 Dec 2022

The Overview

The last few years have seen the roles of compliance evolve from a “check-the-box exercise” to an imperative organizational requirement to mitigate tangible risks due to a tightening of regulatory control and heightened financial crime. This course ties in international compliance requirements with recommended compliance frameworks that can strengthen the compliance culture of the organization. There will be interesting and relevant case studies designed to demonstrate the importance of compliance in today’s regulatory environment. The course will also include current corporate compliance trends and issues that imperative to an organization’s compliance policies.

The course also takes an in-depth look into how to set and enhance compliance culture in an organization through policies, procedures and organizational relationships. It is this compliance culture that will be filtered into an organizations compliance programs. The course will impart knowledge on how to develop and implement these compliance programs which also includes Board reporting and other control functions (like audit).

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