Data Governance

08 Mar 2023 – 09 Mar 2022

The Overview

Data and data management is one of the most significant areas for companies to focus on in today’s technology-charged environment. Understanding how data works within the ecosystem is one of the key elements to developing a safe and profitable company in today’s competitive business atmosphere.

This training will cover all of the key areas of data governance including data collection, processing, roles, policies, standards, and metrics that all play a pivotal role in how organizations can effectively and efficiently use the information to achieve its goals.


  • LEARN what data governance is and why it is important
  • COMPREHEND the data governance framework and operating model
  • UNDERSTAND data governance policies, strategies, best practices, and which ones are the most effective
  • KNOW how to utilize data stewards in the governance framework
  • EXPLORE data and data management and how to leverage data within an internal ecosystem

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