Data Mining & Analytics

07 Feb 2023 – 08 Feb 2023

The Overview

The growing importance of data mining is now recognized as a major competitive advantage in business today. The emergence of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence has just accelerated the need for skills within this discipline. The foundation for success in this new paradigm is the establishment of practices dedicated to the discipline of data mining.

With the explosion of information, businesses are now able to produce results and ultimately measure performance for any given initiative; but how are solutions developed from this information, and more importantly, how do businesses action these solutions? This is about adopting the discipline of data mining where businesses explore information to identify meaningful patterns for more optimal decision-making. This can be used to generate business intelligence through many reporting and visualization tools now available in the marketplace.

Through this course, participants are provided with a comprehensive perspective on building and deploying data mining within their respective organizations. Numerous case studies from various industries will be shared to demonstrate the increasing significance of data mining as a core business discipline.

  • JUSTIFY data mining as a key corporate competitive advantage in order to stay on top in the respective industries
  • IDENTIFY the four steps approach in building a data mining solution with proven results
  • EXPLORE the appropriate tools in developing data mining solutions to achieve optimum productivity
  • ALIGN data mining solutions with the organization’s business objectives

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