Effective Receivables Management

27 Mar 2023 – 28 Mar 2023

The Overview

Our workshop leader, Tim Paulsen, says, ‘Accounts Receivable is the lifeblood of an organization and before we thrive, we must survive.’ This workshop begins first with the ‘philosophy’ needed for risk management survival and then segues into the supporting policies, and then the creative techniques needed by your team.

We recognized that many of the delegates manage or direct a receivables team and though
they may not deal one on one with a debtor or a late-paying organization, they will be able to more effectively manage a receivables team when they increase their own knowledge and skills in effective collection techniques.

During the workshop, there will be assignment of one or several case studies on Risk Management


  • IMPROVE on your knowledge and skills of effective credit and collection strategies
  • USE smart collection and negotiation skills,
  • CREATIVELY deal with difficult and irate customers
  • APPLY effective and proven techniques to get the best results from your receivables without damaging your good customer relations with your clients

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