Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers

13 Feb 2023 – 15 Feb 2023

The Overview

Have you felt somewhat inadequate and ill-equipped in your dealings and conversations with electrical engineers and electricians? If so, then this course is a must for you to attend! As an engineer, manager, or technician, it is vital for you to increase your knowledge and understanding of the differences between AC and DC electricity.

This refresher course can help fill you in with electrical engineering concepts, analytical techniques and design considerations and allows you to brush up on those knowledge and skills so that you can understand the challenges confronted by your subordinates and colleagues more clearly and can make informed decisions.

Why You Should Attend?

This workshop can help you to bridge the gap between you and your employees, who may lack the knowledge and skills in electrical engineering. You will be given an opportunity to understand abstract and complex electrical concepts through relatively simple analogies and explanation. Some workshops and seminars end up being monotonous monologues from the presenter to the audience. Not this one. In this workshop you will get an opportunity to exercise the skills and concepts through virtual classwork and engage the instructor in discussions. You will have the opportunity to interact and learn from our renowned course facilitator, who is the author of one of the best-selling books, titled “Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers”. The course facilitator will cover the concept of power factor, horsepower, apparent power, reactive power, real power, three-phase versus single phase, which some may find elusive and hard to comprehend.

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