Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Masterclass

07 Dec 2022 – 08 Dec 2022

The Overview

ECM is a global methodology for information management including establishing policies, procedures, tools, systems and best practices to manage high-volume content, information and files. It is a key set of policies, technologies, business change and information compliance to help manage content through its lifecycle and help meet local, regional and global compliance standards and regulations.

This course covers advanced strategies, tools, and technologies used to manage content, information, physical records, and electronic documents such as paper documents, images, videos, and emails through their information management lifecycle, from initial publication to archival and disposal. It covers all the essential skills and advanced concepts of ECM and information management, governance and architecture in accordance with international standards of ISO9001 documentation control. There will be discussions on the use of software, best practice implementation as well as applying key concepts. The course will focus on the skills required to effectively deploy and maximise the benefits of ECM, and managing information security to deliver business benefits.

Participants will return to their organisations with action plans to implement ECM, information
management, security, auditing and compliance.

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