Essentials of M&A Due Diligence: The HR Perspective

06 Mar 2023 – 07 Mar 2023

The Overview

HR has a critical and often under looked role during the whole takeover or merger deal making progress. Mainly, HR is tasked with the due diligence process, which aims to look at possible pitfalls of the merger or acquisition on a talent level. If you have two organisations that have cultural conflicts, they need to be addressed in detail and with some speed if the deal is not to be just another one of those corporate failures. It’s that important.

Subjects covered include:
o Business case for HR as an essential element of overall deal success
o HR throughout the M&A life cycle
o Role, challenges and needs of an HR leader – strategic, support, integration
o Strategic Context and Objectives
o HR due diligence process, essentials, risks, best practices, global considerations
o Establishing and managing the HR integration process
o Governance, roles, responsibilities
o Change management and communications
o Talent strategies for success
o Optimising business results through culture awareness and integration

Major Discussions:

  • UNDERSTAND the overall business development/M&A process
  • ASSESS M&A opportunities from a People and Organisation perspective
  • LINK business strategy and M&A objectives to due diligence work
  • MAKE well-founded recommendations to Management related to M&A opportunities
  • ARTICULATE business case for early HR involvement in M&A due diligence work

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