FIDIC: Claims and Dispute Resolution

11 Jan 2023 – 12 Jan 2023

The Overview

The FIDIC Contracts have been used for a wide range of projects worldwide for many years, from buildings to highways, rail, power, water, and other infrastructure projects.

This 2-day workshop deals on a practical basis with the identification of project risks, their allocation, and the various causes of claim which can emerge over a construction contract, and the way the FIDIC 1999 Red, Yellow, and Silver Books address them. It details the way to handle claims preparation, submission, assessment, determination under FIDIC Contracts, and how disputes are prevented or otherwise resolved.

The workshop will also include reference to the changes to the claims and dispute resolution provisions within the FIDIC 2017 Red, Yellow and Silver Books.

It includes best practice in writing contractual letters, time based programme issues in assessing delays and extensions of time, and financial issues in assessing loss and / or expense. It also includes tuition on the preparation of claim documents for submission, in addition to assessment of claims and their eventual settlement.

The workshop will also deal with the most effective way of dealing with disputes under FIDIC Contracts.

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