Financial Statement Modelling and Valuation Masterclass

10 Jul 2023 – 11 Jul 2023

The Overview

Key Benefits of Attending

  • INTERPRET and UNDERSTAND the linkages between an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement
  • EXTRACT and TRANSLATE appropriate data from corporate reports to build financial forecasts
  • UNDERSTAND how business events such as sales, purchases and investments are reflected on the financial statements and forecasted results
  • DEVELOP Excel modelling skills to build a financial model with multiple scenarios
  • USE arrays and cell naming conventions to make models easier to audit
  • BUILD a robust financial model that includes checks and error reconciliation
  • CONSIDER different techniques for resolving the finance cost circularity inherent in financial statement models
  • EXTRACT cash flow information from a model to determine enterprise value and forecast share prices
  • CREATE scenarios that enable project evaluation and provide Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return output
  • UNDERTAKE ‘what if’ and ‘goal seek’ analysis to evaluate key corporate metrics

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