Fundamentals of Procurement Contract Preparation

08 Mar 2023 – 09 Mar 2023

The Overview

The essence of the procurement process is to decide which supply option a buying organisation is going to go for and to place the order with the supplier. This workshop is designed to look at all stages of contract preparation and formation before, during, and at the end of such contracts.

This workshop provides a way through and around the jargon commonly found in Procurement Contracts from the perspectives of both parties. Each topic will be dealt with by way of outlining the relevant commercial and legal subjects with the express aim of giving them greater confidence in dealing with contracts in the future.

  • UNDERSTAND the key issues concerning contract formation including offer and acceptance
  • RECOGNISE the key terminology used in contracts
  • UNDERSTAND the key provisions contained in a Procurement Contract from the perspective of both parties
  • DIFFERENTIATE between the requirements of best endeavours and all reasonable endeavours
  • ANALYSE the issues surrounding the drafting of exclusion clauses
  • LEARN the significance of warranties and indemnities
  • UNDERSTAND the types of contracts that are appropriate for specific procurement needs by industry or risk appetite

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