Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Management Audit

13 Mar 2023 – 14 Feb 2023

The Overview

A good HSE audit provides an accurate snapshot in time of an organization’s performance. There are increasing external and internal pressures on organizations to have this knowledge and a recognition that this knowledge is a core part of sustainability. The purpose of this course is to equip participants with the skills to provide such an audit.
This course is for those who want to learn or improve their audit skills either to apply within the corporate structure or to provide an external auditing service to meet the needs outlined above. This course is not designed to cover the requirements of a HSE compliance audit, but that of an HSE management audit. Participants are expected to have sound HSE knowledge, either as a generalist or as a specialist, to practice this skill.

  • ASSESS your current HSE performance
  • UNDERSTAND the drivers behind the need to audit
  • LEARN techniques to be an effective HSE Management Auditor
  • PROVIDE consistency in auditing
  • ORGANIZE your team to provide an effective audit
  • APPLY the three core competencies of auditing
  • TRANSLATE your observations into prioritized audit findings
  • CLASSIFY your audit output into a meaningful report that will be of value to your customer

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