HR Policies

20 Feb 2023 – 22 Feb 2023

The Overview

The HR policies and procedures manuals will be analyzed as a separate topic in HR management in order to give it the importance it has as a tool for guiding human resource decisions in an organization. You will need to look at a number of critical areas, in order to understand why managers and employees require policies. You will identify key HR management functions that necessitate explicit policies.

HR needs to understand the tools, techniques, and methodologies used to identify, research, format, write, approve, publish, distribute, communicate, and maintain policies.

This highly interactive 3-day training will cover the key areas that must be covered by your overall HR policies and procedures that enable employers to adopt best-practices for managing employee relations and compete more effectively in the war for talent by improving employee engagement whilst developing trust and fairness for both parties in the relationship between employer-employee.

Why You Should Attend?

This virtual training will provide a timely information and guidance to help participants in developing and maintaining their HR policies and procedures in the organization. Participants will explore important tools to improve employee communications, engagement, relations, and motivation.

During this training, participants will have the opportunity to test various ideas and establish which may suit well for their organization. Participants will be provided with best practice examples and case studies of HR policies and procedures.

By end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • UNDERSTAND the need for HR policies and procedures
  • MASTER the HR policies and procedures that will fit your organization
  • IMPROVE employee branding and employee engagement
  • UNDERSTAND the steps for developing an effective channel of communication HR policies and procedures
  • EXPLORE HR policies and procedures for optimal business impact
  • RECOGNIZE the Importance of structured HR policies and procedures
  • DEVELOP an appropriate handbook for construction, review and update of policies

Case Study:

  • Dissect HR policies and operating procedures of major GCC governmental industry pace-setting leaders to benchmark current GCC best practices with own organizational practices.
  • Review the HR policies of a major multinational organization featured in the list of “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” to unravel their EVP, understand how their policies may have contributed to such a distinguished listing and pay close attention to how they developed unique HR metrics to define, track and measure the effectiveness of their HR function.

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