Internal Fraud Control

20 Feb 2023 – 21 Feb 2023

The Overview

Being on top of business operations means having a higher possibility of fraudulent activities in the organization internally. To avoid internal fraudulent activities from taking place, it is crucial that organizations develop an effective internal fraud control team to oversee financial, accounting, and the necessary transactions.

The most effective way to manage and combat internal fraud is to train auditors, fraud practitioners, and employees to identify, investigate, and manage corporate fraud.

The objective of this course is to educate organizations and employees on current fraud and corruption trends, and to provide techniques to fight and investigate fraud from the inside.

This course not only inform employees on what is happening but also an understanding of how the fraudster carries out his frauds. It is important to know that fraud investigators and auditors can only begin to tackle fraud if they understand how different types of fraud are carried out.

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