Leadership, Communication Skills & Staff Management (Face-to-Face Event)

08 Mar 2023 – 09 Mar 2023

The Overview

This workshop is designed to provide Managers with the essential skills, knowledge, and techniques to become effective leaders. Participants will explore modern concepts such as the challenges and expectations of different generations, personalities, and stakeholders in their organizations.

This workshop includes several self-assessments, practical exercises, and team brainstorming sessions. At the end of the workshop, Managers will walk away with an improved understanding of their own communication and leadership styles, strengths, and development areas. Participants are presented with tools for implementation to equip them better to deal with challenging situations at work and improve productivity.


  • UNDERSTAND the importance of an agile leadership approach
  • EXPLORE concepts around people leadership
  • BRAINSTORM various aspects of interpersonal and team communication
  • IDENTIFY various problem-solving and decision-making styles and approaches
  • NAVIGATE your teams through changes and challenges

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