Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

21 Jun 2023 – 21 Jun 2023

The Overview

Even in today’s online world, live, face-to-face presentations are still so crucial. That includes presentations of all types: training, sales, staff meetings, stockholder summaries, new company policies, fundraisers, etc. Microsoft PowerPoint is still the gold-standard of presentation tools. Because it comes with Microsoft Office and Office 365, most computers have access to the program. But you still have to learn how to use this powerful program the proper way. This workshop will show you how to bring your PowerPoint presentation to life with animation, sound, videos, action buttons, and other great techniques. If you are in sales, marketing, training, or give other presentations, or if you are the one who prepares these presentations, this workshop is for you.

  • CREATE more vibrant PowerPoint presentations
  • GAIN key insights to an interactive PowerPoint presentation
  • LEARN time saving techniques
  • BE fluent in PowerPoint to add more value to your projects

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