Modern Welding Technology

03 Jul 2023 – 05 Jul 2023

The Overview

Welding Technology is one of the main components in maintenance and fabrication activities within the industry. Production equipment, a highly sophisticated welding techniques, and qualified personnel allow the processing or production of steel products for various applications within short periods. This training will equip participants with knowledge of authoritative information on the complex subject of welding. It provides a comprehensive run-down of the complex science of welding- processes, weld metallurgy, weldability of metals, testing, and inspection techniques.


  • UNDERSTAND the the weld design, development, planning and production
  • EXPLORE the key welding concepts to design and produce quality welds reliably and economically
  • KNOW common weld defects, causes, and corrective actions
  • REVIEW the monitoring and control techniques of each heat exchanger
  • EXAMINE post weld heat treatments, residual stresses, and distortion control
  • DISCUSS major considerations involved in designing a weld

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