Negotiation and Conflict Management

15 Feb 2023 – 16 Feb 2023

The Overview

Negotiating successfully requires a range of behaviors at different times in the process, if you are to achieve what you want. You need to be firm, yet also be able to send a signal to the other party that you wish to work with them. You need to show an interest in understanding their position while also being able to state your needs very clearly.

However, there will be times when tensions can rise beyond the usual frustrations we can face in business. These may create conflict situations that can derail your negotiation as well as ruin relationships over the longer term.

This workshop will show you how to recognise as well as understand how to reduce conflict by managing other people’s behavior through your own.


  • A needs ‘iceberg’ template
  • The FISH model
  • The 7 opening tactics and 6 counter tactics
  • The 5 MUST DOs for difficult conversations
  • The 10 strategies for difficult conversations
  • 10 steps for resolving conflict

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