Oil & Gas Asset Valuation

08 Mar 2023 – 09 Mar 2023

The Overview

This course focuses on the economic evaluation techniques applied in upstream Oil and Gas projects. It will cover the variables and issues associated with petroleum project valuations and provide an understanding of how relevant parties can assess the key uncertainties involved.

We will discuss the importance of the decision process and analysis using Influence Diagram and Decision Tree techniques with a focus on risk analysis, Oil & Gas performance measures including the application of benchmarks and performance indicators (KPI) as well as the analysis of financial statements.

Cash flow model analysis including Net Cash Flow, after-tax Net Operating Income (NOI), Cash Flow with Time and ROI will be explained thoroughly. Lastly, we will study the petroleum fiscal systems including types of business regimes with details of Production-Sharing Agreements.

  • UNDERSTAND the 3-step evaluation process
  • COMPREHEND uncertainties involved in the Oil and Gas projects
  • MANAGE risks in the Oil and Gas Exploration & Production operations
  • ANALYZE financial statements

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