Operation and Maintenance Contracts in Oil and Gas Industry

05 Dec 2022 – 06 Dec 2022

The Overview

O&M Contracts are short-term contracts where it’s usually valid from two to five years and is a key document from the owners and operators’ point of view in reviewing the bankability of a financed project. As a contract provides clarity and a defined scope of parties’ rights; duties and obligations, frequent amendments, extensions, addition/removal of clause, termination, etc. are made.

To manage contracts, it requires management to be skilled at both strategic and operational level. Contractual relationship is no longer just a commercial and legal instrument that gets signed and filed; it must be understood and actively managed to release its true value. The course will look for and fill out gaps and help you to develop the key skills for improving the performance and effectiveness of your O&M Contract. This course will help run through and provide the best ways of achieving a strong and powerful O&M Contract from offering, agreeing, negotiating, preparing, and complying to the terms.

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