Procurement – Negotiation and Contracting

28 Nov 2022 – 29 Nov 2022

The Overview

This intensive and highly interactive 2-day workshop provides delegates with the skills and expertise required to enable them to create real value for their organisations through the negotiation and drafting of effective contracts. It covers both the technical and legal aspects of contract drafting and expands to incorporate aspects of international law and of negotiation in a crosscultural context.

The workshop is facilitated by leading practitioners in the field and leads delegates through the full end-to-end contracting process from the creation of contract objectives to the negotiation and drafting of an effective contract. Delegates will be presented with a wealth of detail about the various clauses that when put together form an effective contract, including price, terms of payment, delivery terms and termination, warranties, indemnities, liability and damages, intellectual property, dispute resolution and applicable law. There is an emphasis on the use of negotiation both to create the contract and then to resolve any disputes that arise during its operation. Delegates are encouraged to look at contract clauses from the other party’s point of view – asking themselves the question, “What are their interests in this clause?”

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