Root Cause Analysis for Business

20 Mar 2023 – 21 Mar 2023

The Overview

Managers and Heads of Departments are expected to address all issues and find a solution to every problem faced. However, one of the main reasons that prevent organizations from reaching their goals is due to the employee’s inefficient problem-solving skills.

When the Management fails to find a solution for a particular problem, it may spiral out of control, causing a negative impact on the organization as a whole. Common problems that organizations usually encounter include improper problem statements, lack of team participation, poor understanding of the current process, lack of communication, inaccurate data and analysis, inability to determine the root cause, lack of follow-up on improvements, and lack of data validation after improvements.

This course will help you address these common pitfalls and groom you into an efficient problem solver. It will introduce you to an effective model that can be adapted to your organization, while also highlighting the key tools to use with your cross-functional teams to enhance the effectiveness of the problem-solving effort.

This course is suitable for both the public and private sectors.

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