Shaping Your Organizational Culture

13 Mar 2023 – 14 Mar 2023

The Overview

This course focuses on the importance of culture in the formation and strategic direction of the organization. The importance of organizational alignment will be discussed, its importance at all levels, and how it propels the organization forward in meeting its performance and strategic targets. You will be introduced to this powerful force in the organization and how its emphasis affects the competitive advantage of the organization in the marketplace. By the end of this course, you should be able to understand the characteristics of an effective and thriving organizational culture and its impact on all stakeholders, operations, and outcomes.

  • EXAMINE the foundational requirements of culture
  • MANAGE organizational alignment
  • UNDERSTAND the association of culture and codes of ethics
  • EXAMINE the concepts and application of culture in the workplace
  • CONSIDER the leader’s role in the development of an organization’s culture
  • EVALUATE the importance of a systematic change process
  • ANALYZE the relationship between culture and organizational performance
  • STUDY how organizational culture enhances competitive advantage
  • RECOGNIZE the characteristics of a thriving organizational culture
  • DIFFERENTIATE the characteristics between low and high performing cultures

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