Shared Services Centre Masterclass

20 Mar 2023 – 21 Mar 2023

The Overview

This Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) will cover the development and delivery of SSC models including the Internal SLAs upon which all relationships with clients must be founded. The aim of this VILT is to allow you to develop your own thinking in order to choose the right blend of ‘ingredients’.

A variety of case studies from real-life examples will be used to identify key issues and possible solutions. This will include a negotiation exercise based on an actual SSC scheduling and resource allocation conflict.


  • GAIN insights on how you can effectively design, build and launch shared services for youorganizationon
  • ALIGN your SLAs with the objectives of the business
  • ENCOMPASS KPI’s into your SLA documents
  • DETERMINE whether the deliverables of the SLA can be linked to your KPI’S
  • SELECT and  INCLUDE achievable SLA metrics and goals
  • DEAL effectively with non-performance

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