Shipping Law & Bills of Lading

06 Mar 2023 – 07 Mar 2023

The Overview

The bill of lading is one of the important documents in shipping world. Understanding the commercial and legal consideration is important to successful shipping and transportation of cargoes. All parties involved in the bill of lading, including shipowners, charterers, brokers, agents, lawyers, and bankers, need to have a firm grasp of the difficulties involved in using these important documents carefully.

The training will provide an in-depth understanding of the bill of lading. Professionals in this industry will have the opportunity to understand the implications of delivery of cargo without presentation of the original bills of lading, the full set of rules, the shipping conventions and laws including limitation of liability and time-bars. In this 2-day training, the shipping law’s purpose and the implications on the shipping of cargo goods will be explored.

Major Discussion:

  • KNOW the basic conventions and shipping laws
  • STUDY the underlying shipping laws (Hague, Hague-Visby, Hamburg Rules)
  • UNDERSTAND the roles and functions of bills of lading
  • EXPLORE the contractual implications of bills of lading clauses
  • LEARN how to avoid shipping and bills of lading frauds
  • KNOW basic cargo claims, limitation and time-bars
  • REVIEW legal precedents and relevant real-world cases
  • EXAMINE developments of electronic documentation

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