Social Media Risk Management

07 Feb 2023 – 08 Feb 2023

The Overview

In today’s fast-paced technology world with the pervasive use of Social Media by the full community, the management of Social Media is inevitable even for those companies which do not actively maintain a presence online. A crisis may happen anytime and anywhere to any organization often without warning. They also tend to occur suddenly, unexpectedly and spread rapidly.

Social Media issues may also arise or be detected by a broad range of staff, customers and other stakeholders, and companies should have a clear policy and action plan relating to the monitoring and capturing of social media use and issues before and when they arise.
Organizations that are unprepared and unsure on how to manage the risks will face the consequences that may result in loss of sales and customers, and possibly regulatory enforcement actions, as issues relating to privacy, cyberbullying and terrorist activities are becoming common.

In this Virtual Instructor-Led Training, delegates will understand and learn how to manage their Social Media risks and compliance issues that may impact the reputation of a company and may result to a Social Media crisis.

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